Send me some asks college is lame B)

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Fashon monsuta





Here comes the anon hug! Spread the love~


Wise-ONE - Courage to tell a lie
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hey, just a tip for future reference, when you're tagging a trigger or something, make sure yo put spaced before any slashes or anything else you put after the trigger itself! if you put something like "needles//" for example, it will count those slashes as part of the word, so someone would have to specifically block "needles//" in order for them to not see the post. but if you type "needles //" with the space, they won't have to worry because it blocks whatever the first word is.


oh ok!! thank you! :O

Best cock you've sucked?

are you kidding me


an aesthetic is what they give you before you go into surgery 

Jeff Mangum - That Feel When No Girlfriend
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tfw no gf



I don’t know anything about Night Vale but this is beautiful


I don’t know anything about Night Vale but this is beautiful

Did I ever tell you guys that the Clementine comics are literally my most favourite thing on the internet? because man those comics are the greatest


Hey, so I would have liked to have had more stuff up before making a post about it, but I made a couple more designs for Society6. They’re doing another one of their free worldwide shipping things so if you’re interested, click here! Valid through the 14th.

Also pictured: My first ever attempt at screenprinting. Hopefully maybe I’ll get that down pat at some point so I can make handmade stuff to sell, which is infinitely cooler. My first time could have gone a lot worse I guess!